Tight Bros

Tight Bros Network is brought to you by Randy Castello and Unisa Asokan.

Our journey began in 1999 at the turn of the century in the basement of the Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery on Trinity Avenue in southwest Atlanta. The gallery gave us a space to learn how to book shows working with experimental artists and local musicians as well as touring artists from North America and abroad.

In 2001, we launched Tight Bros Network and expanded our shows to local clubs including The Earl, MJQ and Star Bar.

In March of 2004 we started the Kirkwood Ballers Club, an open-mic arts incubator and haven for adventurous experiments in music – a staple destination in the Atlanta music scene for over two decades.

Beginning in July of 2004 we served as talent purchaser for Drunken Unicorn and MJQ. We booked feverishly to bring in larger national and international artists and DJs to Atlanta. Over the years, we built a solid reputation based on thoughtful curation and artistic integrity.

We were voted Best Local Concert Promoter 2006, 2007, and 2008 according to the Creative Loafing, Atlanta. In November of 2008 we switched gears to help our friends book bands at 529, a small club, unknown at the time, located in East Atlanta Village, where we helped nurture a bright local music scene for eight years.

During this period, we booked events at larger venues including Variety Playhouse, Terminal West and Goat Farm. We formed partnerships with companies Red Bull and PBR curating events with emerging artists from all over the world. We also booked musical acts for Adult Swim’s Fishcenter live stream (RIP.)

In 2016 we returned to Drunken Unicorn where we booked shows until March 2020 when the Covid pandemic hit forcing us to abruptly cease operating at the venue. It was a dark time for live music.

During the height of the pandemic we pivoted and started managing a talented young Atlanta band called Upchuck.

In the summer of 2021 we returned to our roots at eyedrum art/music gallery. We helped launch their new location in southwest Atlanta.

We’re open to new projects and ideas.