Archive of Artists We’ve Promoted Since 2004-present

savath & savalas, juana molina, dj nobody, kopernik, liars, young people, get hustle, the fall, deerhunter, deerhoof, four tet, sunburned hand of the man, leb-laze, peaches, the spooks (members of black lips and deerhunter!), knamiproko, tsk, blame game, ova!, happy mothers day, i can’t read, ex-girl, selmanaires, nautical almanac, wilson and heath, rat threads (members of deerhunter & the flakes), acid mothers temple, funkstörung, inceptdate, decibaka and pat foley, gravy train!!!!, the vanishing, david grubbs, cex, make believe, emperor x, japanther, hearts of darknesses, girl talk, tracy + the plastics, the beach (members of the alphabets, deerhunter and flakes), triage, black love, mandarin, the microphones/mt. eerie, wilson + heath, mirah, tara jane o’neil, kiwis of the south pacific, mates of state, solex, worm is green, wolf eyes, rubber o cement, wilson + heath, eyedea & abilities, q and not u, gold chains & sue cie, death sentence: panda!, california lightening, sic alps, animal collective, gang gang dance, chris leo/ vague angels, panthers, death from above 1979, vietnam, saturday looks good to me, terror at the opera, the selmanaires, rtx (royal trux), deerhunter, the flakes, les georges leningrad, the beach (members of the alphabets, deerhunter and flakes), black lips, deerhunter (debut full length lp release party), electrosleep international, the selmanaires, the orphins, earl greyhound, j. swill is america’s child (jared from black lips one man band!), richard devine, five12 & keepadding, suit & tie guy, phonepunk, mr. mips, cex, aloha, weather, ex-models, chinese stars, deerhunter, leb-laze, dragons 1976, phonepunk, the marsh, ruins (solo tatsuya yoshida), untied states, the flakes, beep beep, skeleton key, the beach (members of the alphabets, deerhunter and flakes), vietnam, the comas, the marsh, man man, the marsh, the roger sisters, les georges leningrad, the watchers, panthers, turing machine, parts and labor, xiu xiu, the beach (members of the alphabets, deerhunter and flakes), sage francis, sol. illaquists of sound, jared paul, atmosphere, p.o.s, grayskul, the rolling sixties, viva voce, the break up, beat beat beat, notown sound festival, no-neck blues band, sunburned hand of the man, charalambides, excepter, the skygreen leopards, magik markers, burning star core, crystal lake, vigin eye blood brothers, samara lubelski, jessica rylan, gown, vastopol, anna kramer, airoes, magicicada, zandosis, of montreal, st. thomas, licentious 5, out hud, hella, kranky records tour, keith fullerton whitman, greg davis, bird show ( ben vida from town & country), magicicada, les angles morts, caribou formerly manitoba, junior boys, the russian futurist, sightings, the spooks, the selmanaires, the flakes, lightning bolt, dat politics, airoes, phonepunk, the perceptionist featuring mr. lif. akrobatik. dj fakts one., inceptdate w/ zano, the black lips, we are wolves, the flakes, dirty projectors, the wind-up bird, melt banana, vaz, sids, deerhunter, green milk from the planet orange, the flakes, gang gang dance, bloodlines, the evens, the peppermints, deerhunter, white mice, coughs, ari. ari., le flange du mal, ezeetiger, drylungs, afrirampo, sids, veronica lipgloss and the evil eyes, shock cinema, kid606, knifehandchop, eats tapes, airoes, gravy train!!!!, kill me tomorrow, dance disaster movement, vip, breather resist, red sparowes, zombi, partyline (allison from bratmobile’s new band), octopus project, circle, urdog, deerhoof, the double, hubcap city, dj prefuse 73, dj nobody, prefuse 73, leb-laze, dj nobody, of montreal, james husband, wolf eyes, khanate, prurient, zandosis, the gossip, danger woman, grand buffet, lyrics born, pigeon john, samadha, dj leb-laze, black dice, growing, vastopol, six organs of admittance, hush harbors, jackie-o motherfucker, nautical almanac, tracy + the plastics, adult., genders, retconned, gogol bordello, xbxrx, airoes, sids, calvin johnson, tender forever, mountains, black lips dj set, ex-models, deerhunter, tight phantomz, a fir-ju well, anna kramer, licentious 5, chromatics, werewolf union, drylungs, usa is a monster, kites, the flakes, deerhunter, blood on the wall, psychic ills, oxford collapse, an albatross, shock cinema, yip yip, blowfly, the spooks,( the black lips & deerhunter), eastside allstars, andy diztler, some girls (members of the locust, plot to blow up the eiffel tower), me and him call it us, eastcoast allstars, the selmanaires, the flakes, the liverhearts, gil mantera’s party dream, emenrgency broadcast system the beach (members of the alphabets, deerhunter and flakes), deerhunter, sand cats (cex aka rjyan kidwell and roby from milemarker), lexie mountain boys, orthrelm, blame game, calabi yau, ariel pink, belong, hearts of darknesses, lake serious, peelander-z (from japan), the black lips, beat beat beat, the letters organize, barbez, sadaharu, marissa nadler, dirty projectors, james sumner (films), genghis tron, akimbo, shock cinema, measles mumps rubella, no things (ex liars), knife skills, post office gals, circle (from finland), cul de sac, the beach (members of the alphabets, deerhunter and flakes), the black lips, king khan & bbq, thunderbirds are now!, shock cinema, rahim, tony conrad, jonathan kane, san agustin, they shoot horses, don’t they?, the gossip, panther, lesbians on ecstacy, my siamese self, eliot lipp, samadha, kudu, chris devoe, voxtrot, the ponys, the carbonas, wolfmother, die! die! die, the selmanaires, snowden, shock cinema, subtle (anticon), fog, jel, spank rock, kebbi williams & kinah botah, islands (formerly the unicorns), why? (anticon), cadence weapon, art brut, the robocop kraus, think about life, blood on the wall, psychic ills, deerhunter, god’s america, josephine foster, grace braun, green milk from the planet orange, sovus radio, seventh ring of saturn, a-trak, the rub dj’s cosmo baker and ayers, soul position (featuring rjd2 & blueprint), one be lo, chris devoe, glass candy, chromatics, tenth to the moon, cex (tigerbeat6), love of everything, psychic hearts, cinemechanica (cd release show), bring back the guns, textbook, the spinto band, dr. dog, lovely feathers, sonic youth after party with deerhunter, howlin rain (members of comets on fire and sunburned hand of the man), warmer milks, awesome color, guapo, zombi, the seventh ring of saturn, diplo, css (sub pop records), bonde do role (baile funk-hop from brazil), battlecat (first show) this song is a mess but so am i, emperor x, drylungs (last show), sids, mika miko, lenny’s, boot camp clik, buckshot, smif n wessun, sean price, heltah skeltah, snowden, the selmanaires, deerhunter, gil manteras party dream, an albatross, table of the elements festival no. 4 “bohrium”, john fahey tribute/record release concert, loren connors (new york), san agustin (new york/ atlanta), john fahey/elizabeth cotten video, keenan lawler (lexington), an evening in the 1960s underground, hosted by tony conrad (new york), world premiere, a film by ira cohen, “brain damage”, world premiere, a film by ira cohen, “invasion of thunderbolt pagoda” also featuring films by jack smith, tony conrad and piero heliczer, hubcap city (atlanta), rhys chatham’s guitar army (paris), deerhunter (atlanta), one umbrella (austin), film and video featuring charlemagne palestine, world premiere, rhys chatham’s essentialist (paris), tony conrad (new york), leif inge (oslo) 24-hour concert “9 beet stretch”, fourth annual esplanade memorial goat roast/low country boil, acid mothers temple swr(tsuyama/yoshida/kawabata), ruins alone(yoshida), akaten(tsuyama/yoshida), zoffy(tsuyama/kawabata), zubi zuva x(tsuyama/yoshida/kawabata), seikazoku(tsuyama/yoshida/kawabata), shrinp wark(yoshida/kawabata), neptune, untied states, enon, the gossip, mika miko, swan island, glass candy, chromatics, blowfly, cheveu (france), serena maneesh, evangelicals, wovenhand, ex models, battlecat, subtle (anticon), samadha, dj gnosis, alias and tarsier, electric president, astronautalis, one self (dj vadim), psyche origami, mr. invisible, wolf eyes, john wiese, roger stella, zoroaster, jason forrest band (formerly donna summer), zandosis, dust galaxy (rob garza of thievery corporation), flosstradamus, thunderbirds are now!, rescue, psycic hearts, awesome color (ecstatic peace!), witchcraft (sweden), danava, zoroaster, the slits, the apes, sids, make believe (joan of arc), the plot to blow up the eiffel tower, irreversible, ecstatic sunshine, atlas sound (bradford from deerhunter soloe), (kranky records), charalambides (kranky records), les georges leningrad, duchess says, sids, club of rome, pleaseeasaur (comedy central records), attractive eighties women, islands (formerly the unicorns), subtitle, blueprint, the evangelicals, beach house music (carpark records), over the atlantic, dat politics, kevin blechdom, matt and kim, deerhunter, snowden,, gringo star, oxford collapse (sub pop records),thunderbirds are now! (french kiss records), sovus radio, matt valentine & erika elder with the bummer road, the rub dj ayres, eleven and cosmo baker, jean-louis costes, barr (kill rock stars), marnie stern, sleep therapy, red sparowes (members of isis and neurosis), kylesa, irreversible, grizzly bear (warp records), the papercuts, hubcap city, the selmanaires,the carbonas, the coat hangers, peelander-z, samadha, herb harris (the selmanaires), the thermals (sub pop records), the big sleep, sleep therapy, untied states, the apes, child abuse, the club of rome, neil michael hagerty and the howling hex, hubcap city, magik markers, ecstatic sunshine, wzt hearts, lexie mountain boys, aaron lacrate (milkcrate records), rob wonder,asobi seksu, saturday looks good to me, oppenheimer, chris bathgate, sunburned hand of the man, gown, hubcap city, magicicada, lo-fi-fnk (sweden), mint chicks (new zealand), the prayers (members of the plot to blow up the eiffel tower), le castle vania, appleseed cast, the life and times, sleep therapy, bunny rabbit, tha pumpsta, bruno and the dreamies, bonde do role, flosstradamus, dj rob wonder, battles (warp records), loney, dear (sub pop records), kebbi williams & kinah botah, kid koala, samadha, coach fingers (members of no-neck blues band), yximalloo, r. mexico, menomena, jeffrey butzer/midwives, jack rose, long knives, one thousand holy shards, arbouretum (thrill jockey), david karsten daniels, leslie & the ly’s, noxagt, panthers (vice), deerhunter, jay reatard, silver daggers (mems. of mika miko), club of rome, mc frontalot, attractive eighties woman, lady sovereign, matt and kim, king kong (ethan buckler from slint), brother ali, psalm one, bk one, reef the lost cauze, toki wright, priestbird (formerly tarantula a.d.), pit er pat (thrill jockey), all the saints, frog eyes, alex delivery, awol one, josh martinez, mine+us, dj hoppa, ladytron dj set featuring: reuben wu & mira aroyo, the selmanaires, tussle, noot d’ noot, lifesavas (quannam projects), strange fruit project, dj marc sence, dan deacon, video hippos, from a-z, sightings (load records), the seventh ring of saturn, chinese stars, battlecat, brass castle, chris gareau (absolutely kosher records), strezo, battles, battlecat, judi chicago, neil hamburger, dr el suavo, great northern, deerhunter, gang gang dance, ocrilim, voxtrot, palomar, magic apron, the liverhearts,death set, scars (formerly estrada), the selmanaires, dark meat, the ettes, abe vigoda, john thill, gold painted nails, rump posse, je suis france, brass castle, big business, zoroaster, mouth of the architect, christine, gravy train!!!!, judi chicago, xbxrx, we versus the shark, the valley arena, marnie stern, celephais, lid emba, flosstradamus, portugal the man,playradioplay! (island records),the photo atlas, the only children, pterodactyl, early modern witch trials, au revoir simone, oh no oh my, numbers, circle (finland), endless boogie, big bear, diplo, girl talk, dan deacon, white williams, the dirty projectors, ecstatic sunshine, deerhunter, no age, fagstatic, cut teeth, yo majesty,the coat hangers, rob wonder, untied states, these are powers, gold painted nails, je suis france, still flyin’, matthew dear’s big hands, mobius band, chris devoe, octopus project, morning state, midwives, damo suzuki (former vocalist for can), san agustin (table of the elements), magik markers, suitcases, the seventh ring of saturn, georgie james (members of q and not u), le loup, look mexico, witchcraft, saviours, devlin and darko (spank rock dj’s), busdriver, daedelus, chris devoe, dj gnosis, enon, love of diagrams, untied states, jens lekman, aesop rock, rob sonic with dj wiz, black moth super rainbow, dj signify & blockhead, mf doom?, black lips, har mar superstar, dj klever, dan deacon, ultimate reality, toy party attack, white williams, club of rome, rings, atlas sound (bradford from deerhunter), white rainbow, valet, leslie and the ly’s, muffy, chinese frankenstein, the chinese stars, brass castle, untied states, why?, cryptacize, panther, sian alice group (social registry), mike bones (social registry), simian mobile disco (dj set), le castle vania, municipal waste, the carbonas (members of quadilliacha), iron lung, enon, howlin rain, nomen novum, when dinosaurs ruled the earth, vera fang, battlecat, bonde do role, the death set, muffy, rob wonder, judi chicago, efterkland, slaraffenland, sleep therapy, thee silver mt zion memorial orchestra, vic chesnutt, subtle (anticon), supreeme, future ape tapes, howlin rain, royal thunder, u.s. royalty, underskatement film festival vol. 4, no age, abe vigoda, infinite body, bows and arrows, diplo, dark meat, noot d’ noot, chairlift, rajio, ariel pinks haunted graffiti, titus andronicus, pink police, club of rome, cryptacize, ruby isle, unicornicopia, ami dang, oneida, dark meat, dirty faces, jah division sound system, adventure, ccivory, ear pwr, waterloo, parachutes, thank you, frode gjerstad/ paal nilssen-love duo, hawnay troof, battlecat, vera fang, gil manteras party dream, death pill, deepest desires, math candy, daedelus, noot d’ noot, samadha, sos (king khan, bobby ubangi and frank jensen), the coathangers, these are powers, jana hunter, lesser gonzalaz alvarez, indian jewelry, tenth to the moon, gold painted nails, tree creature, eat skull, psychedelic horseshit, black time, the juan maclean, holy ghost!, captain crunk & dvdeath, siver jew (documentary film), neil hamburger, pleaseeasaur, attractive eighties women, sunburned hand of the man, lyonnais, magic apron, the dead science, grand buffet, hearts of darknesses, ccivory, mini destroy, deepest desires, treasure fingers, jokers of the scene, trackademicks, nick catchdubs, times new viking, jay reatard, pylon, deerhunter, the spooks, cola freaks, diplo, abe vigoda, boy 8-bit, telepathe, the selmanaires, parts & labor, tenth to the moon, the king khan & bbq show, quintron and miss pussycat, carbonas, hawks, subtle, zach hill (hella), lyonnais, the gaye blades, skin problems, dj cole alexander of black lips, black lips dj set, recompass, social studies, nomen novum, lyonnais, retconned, airoes, sids, skin problems, high marks, carnivores, girls of the gravitron, all the saints, balkans, the mighty hannibal, freddie terrell & the soul expedition, delia gartrell, noot d’ noot, anna kramer, the n.e.c., judi chicago, sealions, noot d’ noot, supreeme, abby go go, the n.e.c, jeffrey butzer & his midwives, icy demons, brightblack morning light, rio en medio, gil mantera’s party dream, judi chicago, mi ami, thank you, untied states, the selmanaires, social studies, king khan & the shrines, golden triangle, balkans, lemonade, hearts of darknesses , all the saints, lyonnais, living rooms, marnie stern, carnivores, here we go magic, titus andronicus, futurecop!, black dominoes, capt crunk, efterklang, canon blue, abby go go, these are powers, the chap, lyonnais, balkans, asobi seksu, tyvek, tealights, judi chicago, cheif acid officer, black lips, deerhunter, barreracudas, 4th ward afro-klezmer orchestra, ariel pink’s haunted graffiti, vivian girls, living rooms, themselves, recompas, dan deacon & ensemble, future islands, teeth mountain, minidestroy, leslie and the ly’s, stereo total, minidestroy, tera melos, cinemechanica, tree creature, carnivores, balkans, living rooms, lounder than dreams, diplo, hollyweerd, muffy, windy & carl, benoit pioulard, lambs laughter, lyonnais, yea big +kid static, airoes, thy mighty contract, gentleman jesse and his men, redondo beat, the perfect fits, the thermals, the shaky hands, point jucture, wa, abby go go, hollow stars, mr. lif, grieves, willie evans jr., social studies, ponytail, judi chicago, nomen novum, the juan maclean, the field, smiles, the coathangers, the selmanaires, black dice, awesome color, facehugger, peaches, drums of death, telepathe, lemonade, living rooms, ear pwr, nomen novem, minidestroy, rob wonder, casiotone for the painfully alone, cryptacize, ccivory, carbonas, predator, customers, barreracudas, abe vigoda, talbot tagora, carnivores, dirty projectors, atlas sound, cinemechanica, so many dynamos, cast spells, coyote bones, gil manteras party dream, night moves gold, living rooms, anna kramer, jeffrey butzer, twin tigers, abby go go, octopus project, tealights, living rooms, jonathan kane, lyonnais, retconned, carnivores, predator, roman photos, jana hunter, crazy dreams band, damon moon & the whispering drifters, airoes, ear pwr, toro y moi, crunk punks dj’s, solillaquists of sound, lee harvey oswald, the nice guise, facehugger, pleasure cruise, roman photos, adron, helado negro, jason ajemian, social studies, the selmanaires, balkans, let the night raor, salome, hull, batillus, box elders, sonic chicken 4, the books, lotus plaza, dan deacon, nuclear power pants, a-z, wavves, ganglians, facehugger, titus andronicus, the so so glos, carnivores, balkans, thee oh sees, wizzard sleeve, tv ghost, atlas sound, broadcast, selmanaires, japandroids, real estate, surfer blood, art brut, princeton, small reactions, all night drug prowling wolves, gg king, jeffrey butzer, flap tag team, dirty projectors, givers, future of the left, hawks, predator, islands, why?, jemina pearl, au, kurt vile & the violators, lovvers, carnivores, king khan & bbq show, those darlins, gg kink, fuck buttons, growing, facehugger, times new viking, the axemen (new zealand), balkans, the xx, jon hopkins, living rooms, themselves, eyedea & abilities, contrverse, gil mantera’s party dream, kid stuff, puddin tang, real estate, knaves grave, spirits and the melchizedek children, jay reatard, gg king, small reactions, crystal antlers, all the saints, audacity, the selmanaires, the nec, balkans, living rooms, roman photos, carnivores, abby go go, tickley feather (paw-tracks), lyonnais, lotus plaza, kid stuff, knaves grave, noot d noot, grip plyaz, selmanaires, social studies, the weight, west end motel. the fox hunt, goddamn rattlesnake, the signallers, sonen, silent league, nite jewel, roman photos, lyonnais, balkans, knaves grave, mermaids, screaming females, jeff the brotherhood, the n.e.c., yelawolf, freddie gibbs w/ pill, gripplyaz, leslie & the ly’s, pleasure cruise, christopher the conquered, danger woman, awesome color, tyvek, terror pigeon dance revolt!, the shakes, cymbals eat guitars, bear in heaven, freelance whales, anamanaguchi, sabrepulse, henry homesweet, star scream, ccivory, these are powers, lemonade, mndr, knaves grave, roman photos (dj set), all the saints, balkans. lyonnais, you say party! we say die!, attention system, spectralux, the xx, jj, nosaj thing, carnivores, beach fossils, abby go go, the clap, vivian girls, happy birthday, wetdog, king khan & the shrines, the fresh and onlys, gg king, major lazer, rusko, sleigh bells, hollyweerd, gza, clan destined, the nice guise, dj dug boogie, red sparowes, doomriders, hawks, dead confederated, turf war, casiotone for the painfully alone, magical beautiful, gold-bears, “oddsac” animal collective + danny perez after party w/ dj bradford cox, dosh, white hinterland, samadha, balkans, future islands, lower dens, phonepunk, growing, lyonnais, brainworlds, caribou, toro y moi, givers, jeff the brotherhood, heavy cream, knaves grave, balkans, gil mantera’s party dream, sun bears, guyliner, free energy, jukebox the ghost, miniature tigers, grouper, lyonnais, brainworlds, islands, active child, steel phantoms, lightning bolt, lyonnais, big dad, future islands, kidstuff, ear pwr, jeffrey butzer, ariel pink’s haunted graffiti, magic kids, puro instinct, jeff the brotherhood, coathangers, heavy cream, wymyns prysyn, barreracudas, predator, danger woman, deerhunter, lyonnais, brainworlds, crystal castles, bear in heaven, harvey milk, hawks, lyonnais, sin ropas, father murphy, best coast, cults, carnivores, fucked up, coathangers, neon blud, roman photos, all tiny creatures, nomen novum, sharon van etten, marissa nadler, lindsay appel, givers, little tybee, lower dens, back pockets, spirits and the melchizedek children, candy claws, this piano plays itself, living rooms, titus andronicus, free energy, turf war, golden triangle, gg king, knaves grave, the conquerors, efterklang, field music, buke and gass, phantogram, josiah wolf, wavves, christmas island, jacuuzi boys, the n.e.c. (diamond fog), deerhunter, hollow stars, dustbunnies, henry barbe, octopus project, starfucker, spectralux, the xx, warpaint, zola jesus, born ruffians, winter gloves, the clap, light pollution, prince rama, quiet hooves, wowser bowser, roman photos, buffalo bangers, moodrings, nymph, stephen fenton, free ticket, omlet, thrones, christian mistress, whores, uberchriist, kurt vile and the violators, the soft pack, purling hiss, small black, class actress, living rooms, marnie stern, cinemechanica, thy mighty contract, fresh and onlys, mermaids, royal baths, jeff the brotherhood, predator, turf war, cy barkley, ariel pink’s haunted graffiti, os mutantes, magic kids, bear in heaven, cloudland canyon, sun airway, future islands, lonnie walker, nomen novum, junip, sharon van etten, oryx and crake, venice is sinking, redharp, predator, balkans, ralph, reptar, bambara, zorch, quirous, blunt fang, social studies, nomen novum, dj cole alexander, black lips, deerhunter, buffalo buffalo, jeff the brotherhood, gg king, heavy cream, mermaids, knaves grave, ccivory, nintendo power club, optimus pikachu, minidestroy, hello ocho, carnivores, lyonnais, shepards, no age, bukkake boys, rene hell, smith westerns, yuck, mood rings, wild nothing, abe vigoda, roman photos, free energy, the postelles, turf war, washed out, anr, soft powers, diamond rings, ps i love you, mood rings, marnie stern, tera melos, cinemechanica, thee oh sees, ty seagall, mermaids, cloudland canyon, mood rings, lucy dreams, dum dum girls, reading rainbow, dirty beaches, das racist, dillon, the contraverse, gg king, exray eyeballs, barreracudas, cults, small black, sun airway, sharon van etten, ava luna, toro y moi, cloud nothings, janka nabay, dom, eternal summers, wiseblood, deerhunter music group, lower dens, lonnie holly feat. ghetto cross, fang island, vegan coke, curio museum, asobi seksu, oberhofer, mood rings, off!, trash talk, predator, moon duo, lyonnais, sheperds, starfucker, casiokids, sonen, omar rodriguez lopez group, zech marquise, the body, whitehorse, aku you, diplo, heroes x villains, kaleidoscopes, sebadoh, richard buckner, morning teleportation, nicos gun, circles still repeating, men (feat. jd samson of le tigre), romy, cousin dan, warpaint, pvt, the skull defekts (feat. daniel higs), zomez, faun and the panflute, captain ahab, featureless ghost, young fates, titus andronicus, carnivores, fresh and onlys, crocodiles, young prisms, jeff the brotherhood, heavy cream, the clap, chandu’s, disable but able to rock: the danger woman movie afterparty, dirty beaches, featureless ghost, wife, jacuzzi boys, turf war, skin jobs, balkans, predator, mood rings, pikacyu-makoto, mugu guymen, bubbly mommy gun, the purkinje shift, skin jobs, humboldt trio, the death set, win win, so so death, lyonnais, social studies, nomen novum, balkans, the clap, mood rings, husseins, xo, sealions, young again, times new viking, reptar, red sea, twin sister, featureless ghost, chandu’s, eternal summers, the beets, carnivores, mood rings, white denim, red sea, fucked up, jeff the brotherhood, hawks, sunglasses, hanni el khatib, killing floor, tendaberry, kool keith, dt & dr conspiracy, qurious, featureless ghost, speculator, boyfriend, washed out, gringo star, mood rings, puro instinct, john maus, geneva jacuzzi, harvey milk, wizard smoke, wymyns prysyn, real estate, dent may, back pockets, royal bangs, colourmusic, cass mccombs, lower dens, gentleman jesse and his men, beat beat beat, the biters, bukkake boys, dj list christee (kevin barnes of montreal), balkans, yip deceiver, lyonnais, moonface, flow child, featureless ghost, xo, small reactions, red sea, dom, mood rings, lucy dreams, kurt vile & the violators, true widow, warrior, woods, white fence, spirits and the melchizedek children, dope body, hume, feast of violet, alex bleeker and the freaks, flower orgy, stephen fenton, zorch, we the lion, qurious, faun and a pan flute, six organs of admittance, peg simone, donovan quinn, natural child, liquor store, barreradactyls, north trolls,featureless ghost, c powers, ch-rom, erno infernohunx and his punx, coathangers, white mystery, xray eyeballs, reading rainbow, eternal summers, dope magic, braids, pepper rabbit, painted palms, twin shadow, diamond rings, black lips, vivian girls, turf war,blunt fang,blackie, etherearl, fat tony, dale earnhardt jr. jr., van hunt, husseins, ghost bikini, lantern, tune yards, pat jordache, das racist, danny brown, despot, yuck, porclian raft, carnivores, mates of state, other lives, yawn, roedelius, recompas, xambuca, maximum brain, ps i love you, mood rings, red sea, bleached, black lodge, a. grimes, still corners, lucy dreams, feast of violet, zola jesus, xanopticon, featureless ghost, anika, entertainment, where are we?, psych army dj’s, wax idols, terry malts, places, odd future wolf gang kill them all, st. vincent, cate le bon, austra, grimes, black lodge, brandt brauer frick, living rooms, lid emba, wham city comedy 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